Who we are

Dr Catherine O'Connor (nee Reddie)

Dr Cat is passionate about providing quality chiropractic care to her clients of all ages.

Her love of her family, and chiropractic, has driven her to build a family friendly practice that educates and empowers people to take steps towards living healthier and happier lives.

Dr Cat graduated from Murdoch University and upon graduating received the Annual Award for Excellence for the highest standard of Clinical Professionalism.

Since graduating she has enjoyed attending seminars all around the world to keep up to date with the latest techniques and procedures, which she loves sharing with her clients.

When she is not at the clinic you’ll find her attempting to cook, travelling and loving being a Mum to Charlotte.

Dr Cat has a keen interest in helping pregnant women and children and is enjoying every minute of providing care for families.

Dr Chad O'Connor

Dr Chad is passionate about quality care and staying up-to-date on all things chiropractic.

He is interested in helping athletes and people interested in their body’s peak performance.

Dr Chad graduated from Murdoch University with honours and since then he has enjoyed attending seminars all around the country to keep up to date with current techniques, research and practice trends.

He incorporates his love of travel and learning with participation in conferences around Australia.

When he is not at the clinic you’ll find him sipping coffee, critiquing vino and loving being Dad to Charlotte.

Dr Chad also loves his weekly visit to his hometown of Waroona where we also have a country chiropractic clinic.
Dr Chad has a passion for learning which he loves sharing with patients.

Who we help

As a family practice, we understand the stress and strain everyday life has on your body.

We forget that pain is often a good indicator that our body is not at peak performance and may need some assistance. By offering expert spinal health care and lifestyle advice, we help people of all ages live healthier, happier, more active lives.

Our chiropractors are passionate about helping all your family members, from mums and dads, to babies, children and pregnant women.

Our Clinics

We have people coming to us from all over Perth to our family friendly practice.

We are in Hammond Park and easy to get to for people who live or work in the City of Cockburn and surrounding suburbs including Aubin Grove, Atwell, Success, Munster, Coogee, South Lake, Wattleup and Yangebup.

We also have a country clinic in Waroona, open on Fridays!